morning coffee is a good focus tool

Health Tips to Boost Your Morning Coffee

Boost your morning coffee

Although I recommend avoiding caffeine where possible, I understand that sometimes, even for myself, it is just impossible. So let’s focus on boosting your morning cup of joe to ensure you are filling your body with the right nutrients to stay focused and elevated throughout your morning!

Medicinal Mushrooms and Adaptogens

We love FourSigmatic, a medicinal mushroom company that specializes in caffeinated goodness to keep your body and mind balanced but also awake. You can learn more about the benefits of medical mushrooms here and even try out a more local brand, Pilz-Kaffee. We also love to add adaptogens to our coffee. Adaptogens are herbs that aid our adrenals and support our overall health, they can lessen the unwelcome side effects of caffeine (think: insomnia and anxiety). You can learn more about their benefits and uses here. Scoop your adaptogens in style and enjoy brain supportive adaptogen powders such as this one

Milk? Mylk? Alt-Milk?

Choosing the right milk for you can feel intimidating nowadays since there are so many options out there. If you can handle it, we recommend finding a good organic whole milk to use in your cappuccinos. If not, a dairy-free milk with no additives or unnecessary oils (always check the ingredient list) or simply adding a collagen boosting creamer to blend right in with your coffee. We love to blend with this milk frother.

Local Roasters and the Right Tools

We love supporting our local roasters where we can, you can easily type ‘local coffee roaster’ into GoogleMaps to find one in your neighbourhood! In Amsterdam we are lucky to have a plethora of local coffee roasters with a great selection of beans for sale. A lot of roasters pride themselves on fair trade practices and sourcing organic coffee beans, better for you and the planet! 

When it comes to making your morning coffee, we love to have a special coffee corner where we can embrace this morning ritual. We use a Solis espresso machine, you can use an electric bean grinder or try out our favorite morning arm workout, the manual Porlex grinder. Enjoy your enhanced morning cup of coffee at home or on the go!

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