3 Easy Ways to Embrace Self Care in your Daily Routine

Dry Brush 

You may have heard of dry brushing before but if not, it is the practice of brushing your body in small circular motions in the direction of your heart. It is best done before showering as it can bring toxins to the surface of your skin. By dry brushing, you are stimulating your body’s lymphatic system and promoting the drainage of extra fluid or toxins. It helps with bloating, blood circulation, swelling and sluggishness. The process only takes a few minutes and is an easy self care activity to add to your daily routine. We love a dry brush with copper as it has the added benefit of exfoliating the skin and provides a stronger lymphatic reaction than regular bristled dry brushes. 


This health tip sounds so simple but it is truly difficult to remember to continously drink water throughout the day. We reccomend investing in a water bottle you genuinely enjoy using and sourcing the cleanest water possibly. We love a carbon filter attached to the faucet as water filters that use plastic containers tend to contain microplastics.

No Devices Before Bed

It is one of the most difficult tasks, but putting your electronics away an hour before bed has proven to improve your sleep quality. The blue light emitted from our phones interrupts our natural sleep cycle and does not allow our mind and body to prepare for bedtime. Since it is almost wintertime, with less sunlight and shorter days, we suggest using a SAD lamp that alternates with morning and evening lighting cycles to mimic a sunrise and sunset. It makes it easier to wake up in the morning and go to bed, without the harsh light from our electronics. Instead of falling asleep to the social media scroll, check out a few of our favorite reads:

  1. A book on Ayurvedic Self Care
  2. Cooking for a Healthy Life
  3. The Travel Book – perfect for lulling yourself into your dream holiday sleep
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