how to stay healthy during the holidays

Curbing Cravings around the Holidays

We know it is almost impossible to stick to a nutrition plan during the holidays, so here is a short cheat sheet that will help you feel less guilty and sluggish after indulging this holiday season and help curb cravings. If you are unsure about supplementing your diet, please speak with your family doctor beforehand.


Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in our bodies. It minimises our sugar cravings as it is able to quickly convert to glucose, which stops the cravings signalling from our brain. It also helps maintain seratonin balance, which influences appetite signals, preventing us from overeating. During the holiday season, up your protein intake to ensure you are getting enough glutamine and if you are eating a mainly plant-based diet, we reccomend supplementing appropriately.

Eat High Fat Whole Foods

Eating high fat foods (think avocado, coconut milk, nut butters), satisfies a sweet tooth without causing an insulin release. Now is the time to make that chocolate avocado mousse you’ve seen floating around social media as it will not affect your blood sugar levels the same way too many pieces of holiday fudge will.


Keeping our gut happy is the key to living a healthy life. Taking a daily probiotic (and doubling up on heavy holiday food days) is the perfect way to keep your body and digestion in tact during the holiday season.

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