Guidance Level

The Guidance program

1x weekly training + Coaching

This is for the committed individual that wants to put in 80% of the work him/herself. Proactive with their questions and motivated to hit the gym.

The programming will flow easily and every week a new challenge is to be tackled to ensure growth into the individual’s goal.

Let’s be real, this is not for someone that wants magical results to occur because they have a personal trainer.

It’s for the fast learners, or someone that can be patient in the process of learning new movements.

Support Level

The Support program

2x Weekly Trainings + Coaching

Meant for individuals that want results but are tight for time. Getting feedback frequently will allow you to fine tune your learning process quickly and progress fast.

If you are still able to throw in 2-3 more trainings on your own to ensure success then this is the program for you. Homework is not lengthy but it is about repeating what was learned that week!

This is for the person with some chronic pain but can’t just quite commit to the optimal program but still wants to see quick results in their pain.

Optimized Level

The Optimal Program

3x Weekly Trainings + Coaching + Tracker

3x challenging weekly trainings is the ideal situation to see quick progress.

With self-discipline when outside of the gym (good diet, sleep and stress management) all is possible.

You will definitely be training to hit your targets with an optimized scheme. I

It is for the person that needs the extra push during the whole journey and needs extra support. You want to reach your goals quickly or you could be someone that has an imbalance in your life such as a high stress job or a chronic injury that needs to be constanlty covered for.