Sylvia R.

Nicolas and I worked together for over a year to recover my core strength which had weakened due to a serious injury. He has provided me with insights into how the body works and what nutrition is key for a balanced life style. His key strengths include providing challenge and variety in sessions at the right level for my needs with in addition exercises to do at home to maintain fitness levels. Other than that, what really stood out is Nicolas’ patience and relaxed manner whilst getting the most of me during a Personal Trainer session. I recommend working with Nicolas if you are keen to make exercising embedded into your day-to-day to keep fit.

F. Cheng

Nic is a dedicated personal trainer who truly wants his clients to succeed. Invested in my success and well-being, he developed a complete training program to help me achieve my goals – to become healthier and more fit. The training program included sessions not only with him, but also aspects I could do on my own. He would also routinely perform measurements to ensure progress was being made.
Regarding training sessions with him, he would tailor each session to my condition on the day (i.e. energized, muscle soreness, tiredness, etc). In addition, he is flexible in terms of training times, which was important for me given my unpredictable work schedule.

Aly W.

“I have been training with Nic in the Gustav 12 program for several rounds. Nic is one of the best trainers I have had the pleasure of working out with. He is very involved with my fitness and overall wellbeing. Apart from being a knowledgeable trainer, he is also an experienced physiotherapist and is always available to help me when I have issues (both physically and mentally). Nic provides advice on other fitness related matters such a nutrition, relaxation, meditation. He got me drinking Kefir water.  Nic always makes time to help and checks up on me via WhatsApp outside the gym. He is a very friendly guy and knows when to be tough to get the best results. If you can, have Nic as your trainer because he will make sure you will reach the best for yourself.”

Andrea Menandro

Nicolas is an extremely well prepared trainer. His holistic approach made me feel at ease from day one and I noticed progress since the first weeks. Every session together is an occasion to discover new strengths and weaknesses of my body and to work on it. He also gives you all the tools and tips to have great workouts alone.

Siwan ‘Isabelle’ Chow

“Between 2018-2019, I took part of a small group training at the Gustav Gym to get leaner and stronger. Nic was undoubtedly my favourite trainer, here is why. Back then, I had never done weight-training and it was intimidating when I started. Nic was very calm and professional, he made sure to come up with (doable) exercises that fit my personal goals, even when his was training multiple people simultaneously. Nic holds a degree in Kinesiology and a Master in Human Movement Science. Therefore, his training not only focuses on strength building, but also mobility and good alignment of your body. His attention to details helped me to perfect my postures, correct my weaker side and thus my goals. In short, if you are looking for an attentive personal trainer with (science-based) knowledge. Congratulations, you have found one. A bonus is that he has good humor, too!”

Caroline Sutherland

I have been training with Nic for over a year now and the transformation in both my body and health has been amazing. He’s not just an incredible personal trainer but knowledgeable in nutrition as well who goes over and above to help you achieve and maintain your goals.