Posture is Health

The human body has an anatomic alignment that is molded with several nurture and nature factors. Our daily activities affect our alignment and our alignment eventually affects our daily activities, bio-mechanics and even whether we develop pain at certain parts of our body.

Checking your postural alignment can lead to identifying tight or stressed muscles (hypertonic) and which ones need to be strengthened. Sometimes, they have to be relaxed first, then strengthened properly!

Save yourself from back pain, shoulder pain, or any joint pain!

Remember if you think an exercise is too easy try maintaining proper alignment while doing it! 

Head, shoulders, upper back, backhands, glutes, and heels  touch the wall! 

Evaluate at home

Evaluating your posture is easy!

Follow the first test:

Try to be in anatomic standing posture on a wall, the following body parts should be touching the wall:

  1. Head
  2. Shoulders
  3. Back of hands/ palms facing forwards
  4. Glutes
  5. Heels

Come off the wall holding that position. you can move your arms back pretending like you are opening a door. Does it seem weird? Feel like you are too open…well get used it, this is a confident, normal posture!

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