Nicolas Bestari

My mission is for you to live with the least amount of pain and to enjoy a healthy life!

My background is in Kinesiology, the study of human body movement. This multi-dimensional discipline covers the body as a whole, and the impact of physical activity on psychology, sociology and physiology.

My philosophy

I believe in a hands on approach to lifestyle changes and pain relief. My philosophy is to address your specific needs through the assessment of movement patterns, mobility, and nutrition. Building a plan suited to you that pushes your capacity, increases your functional movements and soothes pain.

With our tailored therapy plans you will create a solid foundation that will allow you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

My Background In Pain Relief



Master’s in Human Movement Science – Rehabilitation
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Master’s Degree focusing on clinical chronic diseases and its effects on movement patterns, quality and its associated treatments.

My research was on stability and coordination training in older adults, and the effects on improving balance, and general well-being.

Assisted in performing a corrleation study during larger validation of the C-mill™’s slip and trip module in a study looking at the benefits of cognitive multi-tasking while undergoing trips and slips in a safe and ethical method for older adults.

Guided fall-prevention trainings in a randomized control trial involving validating a new slip and trip module on a C-mill™

2011 – 2014

Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology
McGill University, Canada

A Bachelor’s degree in Montreal, Canada that focused on the principles of training, and studying the effects of exercise.

Physical Activity and Healthy Lifestyle Promoter (videos) with Healthy Mcgill

Student Ergonomic Intervention

Student Athletic Therapist for Men’s Varsity Rugby Team

Professional Experience

2018- Present

Personal Trainer and Movement Specialist
Amsterdam, NL

  • Offering Personal Training and Movement Prescriptions with a specialty in Pain Management, Strength Training and Athletic Preparation.


YMCA Conditioning Room Coordinator
Montreal, Canada

  • Led several pilot projects which included the use of exercise routine software in private sessions, led unique staff trainings on nutrition, customer service, first aid,
  • Taught an exercise clinic for teenagers; it covered the principles of training, basic anatomy and movement patterns, clarified exercise myths and enforced the rules and regulations of the YMCA.
  • Gave out exercise consultations to a wide range of clientele with physical limitations and oriented them towards an exercise routine that would help them achieve their goals.


Since 2015

Personal Kinesiologist Trainer
Montreal, Canada

  • Program preparation for clients interested in short term personal training and long term goals
  • Worked with clients towards a variety of objectives (athletic performance, running, chronic pain management)